We are proud to announce that beginning September 1, 2018, our dream of creating an Artist Residency program has become a reality. Through Gallery of Dreams, two selected artists will have the opportunity to create a new body of work in a provided studio space for a one year term that will conclude with a solo exhibition. While allowing the artists to focus on creating their work in a welcoming and inspiring environment, the residency program gives the opportunity for students and the community to observe and engage with a working artist. The program will also include artist lectures and various educational opportunities.


Current Resident

The art of Marshall Harris is best described as autobiographic. Most of his works are larger than life, just like the artist, and each is infused with an obsessive attention to detail, technique, quantity and quality. Harris’s skill set is vast. He is an innovator, a spiritual and rich thinker, and most compelling of all, he makes things. All kinds of things. From his hyperrealistic drawings that are complex and detailed, conjured up with graphite on Mylar, to the completely vacant and quiet emptiness of his Stripped Naked and Numbered sculpture series, Harris’s work proves to be black, white and everything between.


"The Problems with Space/Time for Astronauts and Artists, and how artists-in-residencies helps solve some of these challenges.... at least for artists. The biggest challenge that astronauts have for interstellar space exploration is space/time. It is the term that applies to the tremendous distances they need to travel and the time required to make those trips. Space is way too vast and it takes a very long time to get anywhere.

Artists have a similar but inverse struggle with space/time in that in their practice there is not enough space and too little time necessary to explore their creation universe. The Fort Works Art Residency program helps soften these two issues for artists by offering a creative studio space along with ample support for their explorations.

Personally, I am honored and very happy to be the first Artist-in-Residence at Fort Works Art and the Gallery of Dreams Program. With this studio space and room to grow, my practice will accomplish a significant body of work that would be otherwise impossible to create. I can work on several creative projects simultaneously, all pointing toward a solo exhibition after a year’s involvement in the program. Those who know my practice understand that many of my works are large and complex. They require months to complete, and with this residency I can complete more work than I could in many years of struggle in my small home studio. Here, at Fort Works Art, I will be busy."

Marshall K. Harris